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International Students


’ll have the opportunity to explore the beautiful natural environment of Canada.

In the past days searching for the college or the universities for perusing education was difficult to counsel and judge which college would suit you? But today we have Education Invention Centre of Canada (EICC) to make it easy to choose the best college in Canada. EICC is an organization that guides the students to select the best education in their perspective field of interest and guide them to grow with their education. We at EICC have agreement with different colleges in Canada to facilitate admissions of the students with best education from the colleges those which use the best Innovative aids for educating the students in Professional manner that makes them grow in form of good Human being cultivating.

To study in Canada you need to appear for the below exams and score minimum marks




An Entry Visa is a stamp impression on a passport or other document; it is issued only outside of Canada for presentation at a port of entry. It signifies that, at the time of issuance, it was the officer's opinion that the admission to Canada of the visa-holder would not be contrary to the Canadian Immigration Act or Regulations. It must be used prior to the expiration date, but does not have to be a valid one to re-enter Canada (even if you are in possession of a valid Study Permit) if you visit any country other than the United States. A Visa is not the same as a Study Permit. 

All students, upon receipt of their "Letter of Admission" from Canadian College / University, should apply immediately for an Entry Visa (if applicable) and a Study Permit to enter Canada. Canada immigration is now pre-printing "This does not authorize re-entry" on all newly issued study permits. This is only to remind you that persons who hold citizenship of certain countries require an Entry Visa in addition to the Study Permit; an Entry Visa can only be obtained at a Canadian consulate or embassy outside of Canada. MENTION NAMES OF SPOUSE OR/AND CHILDREN (IF APPLICABLE) WHO ARE TO FOLLOW YOU TO CANADA.