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International Business

This is a one year post-graduate certificate program in International Business. It  prepares the student to get in on some of today’s most fascinating business opportunities. The  training includes:

  • Developing a foreign market entry strategy for a specific product or service
  • Creating a customized international business plan to support the global initiative of a real company
  • Participating in group presentations before your class
  • Upgrading your software skills to include applications used in international business
  • Coaching in overcoming cultural differences among trading partners and clients

 Co-op On-the-Job Experience 

Student can acquire invaluable work experience in the international business field through a one-work term cooperative education assignment following completion of the academic portion of the program. These training experiences give student an ideal way to apply what he has  learned in class and also explore different potential career paths.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Postsecondary diploma or degree and/or
  • Demonstrated competence through related work and/or educational experience
  • IELTS score -6.00 bands

Selection Criteria 

Applicants are selected on the basis of demonstrated competence through related work and/ or educational experience. 

In some cases, applicants may be requested to submit a résumé, which includes details of related work experience, and a cover letter, which summarizes career goals and reasons for wanting to take this program.

Career Opportunities

On completion of the program, students may  get jobs in the following fields:  

  • Trading companies handling imports/exports, freight forwarding or customs brokerage
  • Manufacturing companies assisting with sales and marketing, market research, logistics or documentation
  • Governmental (or NGO) internship abroad
  • Commercial consulates that assist international trade

Owner-operated businesses focused on international trade consulting or import/export opportunities